This post is about Bad Romance. And also about Bathroom Romance.

whoops.. sorry.
Tae. Tae. Tae.

This post have to be in pure Tagalog. Diretsahan na ha!

May kakilala akong naik'wento sa 'kin na meron s'yang textmate na natatae s'ya tuwing itinetext s'ya nito. Funny eh?

Ako man! Nakaranas na din ako nang kalbaryo niyang 'yon. Palagay ko, alam ko na ang rason kung bakit. Yup, butterflies in the stomach!

Of all the insects, why butterflies??
I was aware of the idiom but I didn't give a damn, until I was in college. These butterflies in my stomach started to live inside of me back when I was taking up Communication Arts; where reporting has to be creative, which is very crucial and will be judged by cruels.

Everytime I do my reports, I get nervous; my heart starts pounding, my hand shaking, my voice cracking and my tummy hurts. I was wondering why would my stomach hurts? That wasn't normal. It was painful. When I realised that the pain I was suffering from was something they call "butterflies in the stomach." I told my college friend Fat about this odd situation of mine. And her initial reaction was, "Ah.. Oo, 'yan ba yung parang matatae?" I was like, "WHUUUAT?!"

So there you go, when my heart starts to pound and when I get nervous, butterflies in my stomach start kicking, not flying -- BUT KICKING!

Here's a brief explanation towards butterflies inside our stomach, click here.

Yes, love sickness indeed!

Ngayon, alam mo na kung bakit natatae ako tuwing makikita kita! sweet.