To-Do List

  • Meet high school friends tonight. Booze!
  • Draft an article for the Solutions site.
  • Reply to my friend's email. Gawd, it has been months that I haven't been replying. ✉ I don't want him to think I've vanished here on earth.
  • Do the laundry!
  • Go biking tomorrow morning! ☼
  • Blog two more topics. :]
  • Tweeeeeeeeet. o_O
  • Facebook.
  • Charge my cellphone. FULL! Been low-batt for like 31 hours, 48 minutes and 10 secs?
  • Take a bath. Change clothes cos I haven't been changing clothes for like 56 hours, 44 minutes and 10 secs!
  • Contact possible agency/organizers here in Lucban to represent my company for Pahiyas Festival.☺
  • Listen to the Old Man's stories. Bonding time!
  • Reconnect with ✈ Haha.
  • Submit my résumé! ✎
  • Play some ♫. Stay in❤. Have a p☮ace of mind.
  • Take a nap. NOW!