1. You wanna stab every couple you see holding hands inside the mall.
  2. You wanna get a haircut that's so short, you'll think twice, and would consider getting a bangs instead. Coloring your hair or getting some curls would come to mind as well.
  3. You wanna go to the bathroom every minute to check if you look good because you don't feel good.
  4. You wanna go shopping! Buy new clothes, makeup, and the best remedy of all time -- a pair of new shoes!
  5. You wanna flood your facebook's wall by all the million crazy thoughts that run inside your head.
  6. You wanna know what happened. You wanna know if he's ok. You wanna talk to him to clear things out. You wanna yell at him. You wanna know if puwede mo ba s'yang sapatusin.
  7. You entirely wanna change everything! From your cellphone's ringtone, message alert tone, the way you pony your hair, the time you get up and go to bed, your desktop wallpaper, your number, your handbag and even the book you're currently reading.
  8. You wanna go to the nearest Mercury Drug to see if you can buy something that will cure that pain inside you.
  9. You wanna kill yourself or you want him dead!
  10. You wanna seek an advice, opinion, advice, opinion-advice from a person who can give you an honest opinion, advice or an opinion.
  11. You wanna glue-in the earphones on your ears. Listen to Paramore on full volume. So you'll never hear a single noise ever again, even his voice on your head that was playing over and over.
  12. You want a rebound.
  13. You wanna find in the department store the kick-ass-red lipstick Gwyneth Palthow's was talking about. Ha!
  14. You just plainly want to wear a single color, either white or black. White will show people you are getting BETTER. Black will simply say to people that you are BITTER.
  15. You want a remote control for a fast forward button or a rewind button in your life.