or else, it's going to be a struggle for the other half
or totally not going to work out.

"Medyo neurotic at weird pero masarap masaktan."-A Bullet

Punching Bag. A real relationship is about give and take, yes, this sounds cliché but it's true. It's like two boxers inside the ring giving and taking each other punches. Punches here, ladies and gentlemen, means something like that bad shits in his life he/she needs to share with someone willing to take care of him/her. It's very unhealthy and unfair for a person to just throw out punches to a person who can't give out his/her share of punches.

Confidence and importance. If you truly love a person, you will make him or her confident being with you as he/she faces the world. Everyday you'll exert extra effort to make him/her feel important because you have her/him and because he/she has someone like you.

Constant communication. Open communication is the golden rule to any kind of relationship, it applies to your family members, friends, officemates, classmates and of course, to someone you are committed to. An open communication is done through; asking, answering or voluntarily speaking out. Listening is part of a well-open communication. As well as honesty. Confrontation though is a different matter.

Clown, not really. It's very essential in any relationship where both parties can make each other crack the funny bone. Men being born naturally with sense of humor printed on their DNA's should make his girl laugh often than the other way around. When a man feels stressed with his surrounding, may it be because of his work or some family problems, it's not right for him to frequently treat a girl as his private clown ready to cheer him up at any time. Men instantly forget all the bad shit in this world once he saw the one he loves.