The first time I tasted beer was when I was in grade three.
The first inuman session I went to was when I was in grade six after the First Communion.

I've been drunk myself just twice. I promised myself it will never happen again. I lived to that promised 'till to this day. Or should I say, I still get drunk but I will never lose control again due to alcohol.

It was December of 2003, when I attended a little reunion of my elementary classmates. I remember I had a crush to one our guy classmates. Unfortunately he didn't went to the reunion that night. I was feeling a little frustrated, I started drinking. And started grabbing someone else's drinks. I got drunk. Then, my crush dropped by when I was completely drunk! The rest is history.

Still in high school, I got drunk in a birthday celebration party of my female close friend slash classmate, I let myself get drunk again! During these days, I was a little heart-broken so I indulged myself. So, there I go again. I did the most random things -- craziest, funniest, most entertaining, and the wildest! I ended up embarrassing myself in front of my today's closest friends.

I promised I'll never let myself get drunk EVER again. Why? Cause I'm missing the fun! When I get drunk, I forget all the funny things that happen during the whole party the very next day. It fucking hurts to vomit all the foods you ate and all the drinks you drunk. Hangovers hurt for days.

Both of parents are never heavy drinkers type neither my brother. Well, they do drink occasionally. My mom can control herself when she gets drunk, as I remember. My dad can't. When he gets drunk, he'll go straight to sleep either there's a bed around or a couch or whatever.. the floor will do! As for my brother, he only get exposed to drinking sessions because he's in a baaand. Yes, he claims he's a rocker.. er.. a rockstar.

Today, when I'm in a party or drinking sessions I only take two to three shots. That's it. When I meet new people, I always always say I don't drink. That's a lie. I do drink but it's only when I'm around with the people I know, and I can trust.

I finished high school and when I entered college that's when I started the big lie. Every people I met during college, I tell them I don't drink. Period. Of course, I let my college friends see me get drunk during out summer outing just after the graduation. I accepted all the shots they offered me, I didn't skip a single shot until I fell asleep. What I didn't know while I was snoring or sleeping with my mouth open, I'm not sure how I looked like, my college male friend was already suffering from his asthma. I completely had no idea he was nearly dying, the fact that he was sitting beside me. The next day, I woke up to throw up. It felt good.

These days, there are times I want to drink alone. It only occurs when I really really get frustrated with how my days go by. I drink with my high school friends, they know me, they know the limit of my alcohol consumption. At work, with my officemates today, my lies are just getting started, you know what I mean, right?

So remember, I don't drink and drive.
'Cos I don't drive.
And I don't drink.