I started blogging back in Nov/Dec of 2007. I had bukopie157 as my username in multiply. I deleted it. I didn't like it. I started all over again and created a new one, http://rice237.i.ph. I got tired and deleted it as well.

Blogging suits me best.

These following four people inspired me. I, on the other hand, in some way, copied their blogging style. Occasionally, I envy these people for how they enjoy, appreciate and live life to the fullest (and the fact that they are beautiful people too!).

KC Concepcion
She blogs about Paris, the Parisians and how was it as a college student in the City of Light away from home and family.

Diana Van Walsum
Covers her modelling career, the world current events, and being a half-Dutch, half-Chinese living in different parts of the world.

Ala Paredes
Often talks about music, art and how she rocks her life in the land down under.

Bianca Gonzalez
Blogs about ABS-CBN, Philippine politics, aspirations & inspiration and her life without the camera rolling.

Jenny Rockett
A passionate

B, K and D have one thing in common -- they were all L's xgf. ;)

Today, I also enjoy and recommend reading: Freshness Factor Five Thousand. It's Jason Mraz's official blurbs. Read it and stay fresh!