Why Whisper?

Are we ants? Why are we whispering?
Do you have your period? Why are we whispering?

I may be suffering from telephobia; my hand shakes , my heart beats faster, my tongue mumble and my brain goes blank most of the time when I talk to a person over the telephone. But I never recall whispering when talking to a person on the other line. Well, it’s a different story when I talk to my friends or family members, I really should sometimes whisper to them when necessary. But when we talk business.. Let’s not whisper!

Is it about the personal life of the boss? If it’s personal. We should not talk about it and not whisper.

Is it about the latest local or Hollywood showbiz news? If it’s just a gossip then let’s not talk about it and not whisper.

Are you just whining about your work? If you’re just whining, then quit and not whisper.

I don’t know what is the whole point of whispering. We are not in elementary school anymore, where teachers throw the board eraser straight to your face. We are not taking midterm exams here. We're not in a goddamn library. And we will never be listed by the secretary as ‘Noisy’.
Why whisper?

I came up with several reasons why people whisper:
  • They are afraid to be corrected by people around them
  • They are not confident about what they are going to say
  • They have very low self-esteem
  • Their ears have defects, they think their voice is loud enough
  • They didn’t brush their teeth this morning
  • Or maybe I didn’t use Q-tips this morning
I have endless horrible reasons why some whispers.

When explaining, be heard.
When informing, be heard.
When giving an advice, be heard.
When setting direction or instruction, be heard.

When you want to be heard, speak louder!