In my personal opinion, there are three types of writer:

1st type) Someone who writes to make a living. This is by force. A writer like this could be an avid reader, that's why she knows how to do the art.

2nd type) Someone who writes as hobby. This depends on the mood of the writer. It's a very risky for an editor doesn't care if their writers are in the mood or what. They just need that goddamn copy now. When they say now, it's NOW (whatever you have there).

And the 3rd type) Someone who writes because this person is capable of making a living out of it and can enjoy every part of it. It's a talent, skill, creativity, and err.. passion.

I envy the last type of writer. :(

There are times you'll just suddenly decide to write something. You're in the mood. You'll press the power of your computer, connect to the internet, log in to your blog, lay your fingers on the keyboard, stare at the monitor ..and stare ..and stare ..and stare then, look away. The momentum, GONE. The fingers on the keyboard will soon be on your head, scratching it. Ouch! That moment you'll ask yourself.. what am I suppose to write now?

  • My instructor back in college shares, she'll do her laundry first before writing down an assigned article or essay.
  • A friend from college says, he usually get great ideas to be blogged about while pooping.
  • Me? I'm not sure. Ideas will just hit you anytime, anywhere. While on a trip, looking outside the window of your moving bus. Sometimes, in the middle of the night. You'll just never know, really. So, I always keep a journal and a pen with me anywhere I go. If I happen not to have these essentials, I make sure I typed it on my cellphone and save it on drafts. But still, there are times I get lazy and forget what would have been great write-up.

What's your style? What TYPEWRITER are you?