Mutant Ninja Rats and Roaches

I promise that this blog entry will be a short one. 'Cos we all know, rats and roaches are just - gross.

I decided not to post any photos of these icky creatures UNLESS I find cute pictures of them.

Oh! That's cute. :)

Aww! Look at those teary eyes, it's the cuteeeest!

Okay, enough! Let's not be fooled by these innocent looking photos. Do you know how gross it was when I trying to look for the two cute photos above when google shows lots of roaches and rats yucky photos? I nearly puked just by looking at Google's stored rats and roaches images.

All I want to say is.. in Metro Manila, roaches are harder to kill and rats are far way more intelligent, than those of in my hometown. (This, of course, is according to my own reliable observation.) What a non-sense post, I didn't justify why. Thank you for reading!