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Dear The Oprah Show,

Hello Oprah! I'm Clarice -------- from the Philippines. I'm a 21 year old female, who just graduated from college with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication. The first time I heard your name was when I was in grade six, some ten or so years ago. I watched your show every time I can. We used to have no cable, our tv has no access to your show back then. But we do now.

When I was in college, there's a classmate of mine that I will never forget. Her name is ----- --- ---- or ------. We first got close in class because she was selling me some coffee for her boarding house payment. She sells variety of delicacies to us and tutors after class. She's very career driven and just always wanted to help her family and never want to be a burden to them. She excels in our curricular activities; especially acting and also, her PR skills is excellent. One thing I'll always remember her for is when we were having a discussion in class. Our professor asked if anybody has been a studio audience in a live talk show on TV. My classmate, ----- ----, confidently raised her hand. When our professor asked her what talk show program, she replied "Oprah." The whole class burst into laughters because we weren't expecting that answer and we couldn't believe that she had been to your show. Our professor got surprised and laughed as well. The moment she realizes what the real question was, she explained herself and said that she watches your show and she idolizes you.

I'm hoping if you can give her a chance to be a studio audience on your show. Pull her out of her job. Fly her to the US. Make her meet you. Let her be your live audience. It will make her dreams come true.

Thank you so much!

Best regards to the whole team of The Oprah Winfrey Show,

Clarice --------
From the Philippines


If this don't work.. I'll send this to Ellen.
I'm serious,
I am dead serious!