Climate Change and Clarice's Conversation

Climate Change: Knock! Knock!

Clarice: Who's there?!

Climate Change: Climate Change

Clarice: Whoa.. You're here already?

Climate Change: Aren't you expecting me?

Clarice: No, not really.. Well, YEAH! But why here so soon?

Climate Change: But I thought you were ready. Can I come in?.. It's warmer there inside.. Please let me in.

Clarice: NO!! Don't. Please Wait..

Climate Change: Nah-ah.. I will come in.. whether you're ready or not. They already warned you that I'm coming. You were not aware, were you?

Clarice: But..

Climate Change: But, what?.. When you were inviting me to come, you thought I won't arrive this fast? Now, you're surprised.

Clarice: Just give me a minute. I need to fix some things first. It's so messy here inside.

Climate Change: That's why you have to let me in now. If you fix those things, I won't be able to come in.