What's up, Doc?

Remember when Bugs Bunny says, "Don't take life seriously. After all, no one has ever come out of it alive."

I used to avoid topics about God and Satan, I was scared they might pop-up from nowhere in the middle of the conversation. Also, my knowledge of the bible is limited (until now, I think). I don't like also to talk about death. I'm more fine talking about life. One more topic I don't like to discuss in a conversation.. anything about shit. (It's up to you to take it figuratively or literally.. both are disgusting anyway.) Oh, and sex.

Since college, I'm been more exposed to people, books, informations through the internet.. so on. I accepted and embraced new unfamiliar topics I've never wanted to talk about before. It made me more rounded, open-minded and opinionated as well, which is good, right? ..Now, I say yes, arms wide open, to ANY kind of topic for a good long lasting conversation.

I'm missing my point here.. Please, forgive me. Okay..

Today, I got a new name. No, I didn't mean that I have a new name. I got the complete name of a person. I'm very good at finding people.. I must say I have an excellent research capability using the internet. What I did is.. I searched for the person to know more about him. There are many results as expected, some are dumb. I opened few results in new tabs. One result was him. The other result is not. They both have the same given and last name.

I read the "wrong" person's page. I took some time to know more about this "wrong" person.. meeting new people is interesting, right? I looked for his pictures, read his "about me", see the person's friends and read the testimonials and comments. At first, I thought they were spam or some sort. But there was something bazaar. So, I read them carefully this time, to absorb what his friends were saying. They say; "Thinking of you x", "Miss you xxxx", "4 months tomorrow. miss you loads", "x x x", "Hi thinking of you..."and "Hi , always remembering you." Others are morning and birthday greetings. Then there's this at the last part.. "hey , thinking of u. RIP". I was like.. HOLY MOLY, m*&%%^* eFing. Sh*&.
By the way, this person's heading on his profile is..

life is short so enjoy it!!!!!!

I moved on..
I was still maneuvering couple of tabs on my Google Chrome window; Facebook, my Multiply, Wiki's and my Twitter. I refreshed the latter to see upcoming new tweets from the people I follow. I saw a tweet from the founder and creator of twitpic, Mr. Noah Everett. His tweet was a bit dramatic. He said: We buried @ today in his favorite super man shirt & we carried him out wearing ours to honor himhttp://twitpic.com/i8g4a

Me, being an idiot (sometimes) thought that it was a dog, or something like that. I click the link of his tweet, a twitpic link. From the photo, I saw his group of friends. Some were smiling. I decided to see the twitter page of who he really was talking about. Because it is really a PERSON now, not a dog or some pet. I saw the person's twitter page, his last tweet was about Noah, a compliment for Noah. I also read a tweet about his dog. And I read the person's Bio..

Bio there is a big difference
between life and living. I'm
learning that with every new
experience. Learning how to

These two people added new perspective in me as a human being. Too bad they have to be on the other side so I can learn something valuable from them.

We live to the fullest or not.. we'll end up like them eventually. You choose. I choose. We all have to choose. It is a gamble. Everything. What we choose to do. What we choose to say. What we choose not to do or say.

Now, I don't want to leave any conclusion.. I don't want a person from another country mentioning my "quote" in her blog. So, I'll just end it like.. THIS.