Adrian's 27th Birthday (with Candles!)

I bought a cake, just like dad told me to do for my brother's birthday. The night before the big day, I was thinking over and over how to give him the cake with a little surprise.

The next day, his birthday, I got up early but I was still paranoid of what am I going to do. So, I decided to buy a cake and maybe deposit the cake in the baggage counter of supermarket and give him the number card then let him claim the baggage. And he will be surprised that I bought him a cake!

I wasn't in contact with him in the morning, I just left a message on his facebook's wall a happy birthday greetings. I texted him and he called me back. He asked me if I would like to have some "pinaltok". I immediately said yes and voluntarily asked if I could come by at his wife's place. They told me they will pick me up at Pacific Mall. That would be PERFECT for my SURPRISINGLY clever idea.

I bought the cake here in Lucban (cakes in Lucena City can be a bit more expensive. My brother arrived at Pacific Mall alone. And YES, he picked up the cake at the baggage counter. I think at least he was happy about the cake. :)) I do hope so. We also bought ice cream for the family.

It was fun. They lit up the candle and took pictures of my brother blowing the candles. That was the funniest. We ate. We drunk. We chatted. And we were all again laughing.

Parang ang saya, noh? Masaya talaga. :D