Fool Again

I had a crush on a guy I didn't know. Just a random guy. Of course, it happens all the time. I saw him at a relative's simple and small party. He was there. I wasn't sure who he was, who was he with or what his name was, but I can blurry remember someone, I guess it was his older sister, called him out, "Larry!", he responded by turning his head. But, I wasn't sure. So, I forgot about his face, his clothes he was wearing, everything. The name remained in my memory.

After eight long years.. I found him.

Just an hour or so ago, I confirmed it. I know it was him. I know it was his sister. I know he was the Larry I saw at the party. The Larry who turned his head when called by his sister. For so long, I thought they were just imaginary persons I only created inside my creative mind. But no! They were real. He is real!

What a destiny. I'm not saying we're destined.
But.. you know, what a life!