Fashion Sitement

Are you an absolute shoe addict? Want to know what Hollywood celebrities are wearing? Begging and bugging your boyfriend to buy you a new bag? Then, these following sites are just for you!

I discovered shoewawa.com through watching Confidential. It was all about shoes episode. I'm not a very much of a shoeholic but I know what I like when it comes to my own pair of heels. I definitely wouldn't want to wear a one-inch heel shoe, I'd wear my Chuck's instead. Donatella Versace's advice for any woman, is to keep a pair of black high heels in her wardrobe. That's a must. I don't have one yet. What's great about this site is how they find a very similar and cheaper shoe version of a branded and expensive one. What a bargain!

Who told me about this site? Well. What the heck?! Oh. Where did I find out about this site? I can't remember . I did a little research on my e-mail's inbox and find the oldest (and probably the first) newsletter I got from whowhatwear.com was back in February 20, this year. Never mind. What I love about this site is when they feature their Myspace Muses. These Myspace Muses are random ordinary ladies who dresses up glamly, that you can effortlessly copy!

My latest discovery is geekpurses.com it's the ultimate site for me and for bagaholics out there. I found it through the use of a trusted search engine. The featured bag photos are gigantic. There are also photos of celebrities who carries the same bag the site is featuring. They provide the price of the bag they show, so you would know exactly how much is to save from your next pay check!