Fashion / Fall

I was looking for other tv programs and then stopped and tuned in to ShopTalk at ANC. The host were talking about fashion and then *bang.. she said Preview. The title of the segment is Fashion Career. And I saw her, the guest. I know her! The same girl I saw in Mango at Power Plant Mall months ago. It's Daryl Chang on the program.

During my internship with Mega Magazine, Camille Sison introduced me to Daryl Chang while we were in Mango pulling-out some items. DC was double checking the items she was going to pull-out and we were there doing the same exact thing. DC says, "Camille.." and Camille says "Hello!" back. They talked how much they love their job but hates the part of double checking the items. CS introduced me to DC. She didn't say though that DC was working on the other side, I just found out about that just now, by watching this.

It was funny to me when the host ask Daryl "What's balmain?" Oh well. I have never heard of it neither back then. She explained that it is a fashion brand in Europe blah-blah.. I was that innocent also back then. I didn't know how to spell Guerlain (a perfume and make-up brand), I spelled Adorra instead of Adora (a luxurious store in GB), PEG was a new word for me at that time, as well as, shoot, art, copy, proof and sourcing, these words have different meanings in the fashion world. For two weeks, I always learn new words and new things in Mega.

In the program, DC claimed that she finds it easy in writing for fashion magazine, ".. you get to play more with the words." she said. But she also stated that, "No, I'm poor." I didn't really get it, whether she doesn't earns that high in the industry or she has the access to see the latest trends, so she tends to spend more. It's the latter. "We're always in the mall sourcing.", she added.

In the end, to land a career in a fashion magazine, you need to have "..an eye for style and also can write, all in one."