Buy Bayong

You know how I hate noise? Damn! And how I hate crowd? I can't stand them. Chaos. It's irritating! In wet market, it's both present.

I bought some breads for my breakfast this morning in a nearby bakery. They put them in a paper bag, I thought, it kinda look like those groceries of Americans in a movie I usually see.

Today's Sunday, the day to go to the market. I went out of the house with my money, keys, cellphone, tissue and extra plastic and a small paper bag. My municipality ban us from using plastic bags. Horray! What am I going to buy? Newspaper, garlic, onions, tomatoes, milk fish, and rice.

I arrived at the market. It was hot. Tricycles were not moving on the street because of traffic. There are lots of people. Many of them has their own bayong. I have a bayong too, I bought it last year. But I don't use it now.

Inside the market, I went to meat, poultry and fishes section. The place is wet all over. I didn't go. I didn't buy any fish. I didn't buy anything.

I told my self, I'll just buy some rice..

I went to the rice store, outside the market. I told the male owner, I need four kilos of rice. Meanwhile the female owner talked to me..

Female: Don't you have a bayong?
Me: Nope. Why?
Female: Nothing. The officers might just caught you using plastic.
Me: Whoa. Wait, I have my own used plastic bag here. Is it okay?
Female: Sure, maybe, just tell them you've used it already. If you get caught, you'll have to pay P500 fine and I have to pay P1000.
I thought, while handing my P500 to the male owner, what if I get caught.. my P500 for the rice of my whole week will just vanish like that because of using this plastic? And the owner, this early, will have to let go of P1000. What if the person who's been caught for using a plastic bag is in desperate need, has to feed her six kids and only earn P80 a day?
There! She's the one, that one in brown shirt. She's the environmental.. environmental.. environmentalist..
Me: something-something?