2009 - Too Oh Awesome

1. Grow out my hair.
I’ve spent my whole 2008 with a short do. I regularly visit a salon to have my hair trimmed. I met Mustiola, at your service in Freshaire in SM Lucena, and I just love how she cuts and shapes my hair. I always And I had enough of it. This 2009, I will never cut it! Never.

2. Be a vegetarian for a month or two. Lose weight, in short.

Really, I’m fat. No, not fat. But I’m out of shape. I feel some fats of my body that wasn’st there before. I will not play soccer anymore; so there’s no more running. All I can do is control my cravings. Choose healty foods. Avoid sweets. God, I wish I can. Less rice. More fibers. Walk. Walk. Walk. According to what I have heard, a person should lose 2 pounds a week. That’s normal.

3. Read more books − fiction or non-fiction. Whatever.

I need to read more books. Have to feed my mind. I know I’m a not so very intelligent, I’m not. So I try to read. I’m a slow reader too! Oh my. So, I need to find and read substantial books. I’m a so bad with spelling to. Gosh! How did my parents raise me?!

4. Be organizied! And be MORE organized next year. Or at least just try.

I got myself a new organizer. I’m crossing my fingers that this will help me out. I need every day to have a glipse first on what’s ahead of me and what am I supposed to do on a certain day just so I don’t waste my time. Do you get me? I need a planner. If I don’t have a planner I won’t accomplish anything. I have to list down everything I need to do so I will do it. Next year I think I’ll buy myself a Moleskine Dairy 2010. Wow! I need to work myself really hard to buy that one. It’s kinda expensive for me. Well, Santa, I wish you can hear me.

5. Socialize. Mingle. Be friendly. Get a boyfriend!

For real.