Meralco, magbabayad ka!

O ilaw,
Sa gabing.. madilim.
Around 11:15 yesterday, I was about to wash another set of my clothes to the laundry and my brother who came here the other day from Manila was in the bathroom taking a bath. I heard a motorbike from the outside. Is it from the Luktel? (a telephone service that I’m still subscribed to, the Digitel; another telephone service that I’m subscribed to providing my internet connection ) The guy asked my neighbor for Aurora Quesea, That’s mine! I went out and he handed me the disconnection letter.. and when I went back inside. I saw the lights from the bathroom went out. I checked the light from the refrigerator was out.. I screamed! The lights are out.. they disconnected my electricity!
At 12:30 I took a bath it’s just that ONLY candles were my source of light. I was going to Lucena with my brother to pay the electric bill BUT not until I realize I cannot iron my clothes because THERE’S NO F*CKING ELETRICITY.
My brother left and i was alone in the house with no electricity. I took a nap at 1:20 and woke up at 3:15. I couldn’t do anything. I sit at the couch and there was this mirror i can see myself and stare.. stare.. and stare.
I rung my friend Jocel, it was her birthday yesterday. She’s 20. We agreed to eat outside a pizza and it was on me. At first she hesitated, you know… girls could be so idiot sometimes. I was so bored. I was so hungry. I went to her house so that her mom will be convinced that her daughter will not just go somewhere and meet a boy or something.. flirt in short. I checked my ATM and there.. I’m rich again, baby! So we ate pizza and drink an iced tea. I kind of forgot about the effing Meralco!
Before finally going home I bought four candles that I might need and I loaded my cellphone so I send text to everyone of my classmates what was currently happening to me. While walking I heard someone shouted “Ayan na ang aking superhero!” or err.. “Here comes my superhero!” I saw the superhero she was talking about. I passed by him. The guy was smiling. The voice came from a balcony so I looked up and saw her. Then I noticed she also had also no power in her house. The guy went there to fix things up.
7:56 pm I was lying in my bed already. While listening to my neighbor’s television! I could just imagine things that were showed in what I could only hear, commercials and so on. My only sources of light were my cellphone (3 battery bars, very nice), candles (which are idiotic and so embarrassing if people see that my house is lighted by an orange light and it can create a fire, huge fire.. and i don’t want that to happen), a flashlight, my mp3 (that didn’t completed it’s recharge because my electricity got cut off), my luminous digital alarm clock (more useful when the power is out than when it is set wake you up because the alarm isn’t that alarming), my baby G Casio wrist watch (of course, it wasn’t that helpful).
I was listening to Arashi and trying to sing with a print-out lyrics on my hand.. I can read ‘em with the flashlight I was holding all throughout I was singing that JPop. I don’t know what happened but from listening from my mp3, I went to recording myself…

After cursing Lopez clan, threatening Meralco and blaming my brother.. I decided to send text messages to my classmates.
I heard the wrist watch.. toot-tot.. It was 10:00 pm. I fell asleep.
I felt consious. Darkness. I looked at my cellphone. It was 3:24. I felt like I have to go to the bathroom. I wanna pee. Bull shit. All I can remember is the iced tea that I drank. I could not hear anything. Silence. No any other human noise. Nothing. It was all darkness. I turned on my digital alarm clock and I saw from that illuminated clock 3:14 (time), 6/13 (month and date).. Damn it! Not a good number. 6 and 13? And then I looked again FRI (date).. what the!? shit! It’s Friday the thirteenth today!
You know what they say;
Do one thing everyday
that scares you!
I listened to M2M from my walkman to lessen the creepiness I feel. They sounded like kittens when singing though. At 4:08 I went to the bathroom, I could not control it any longer.
Well, the price of all this was the sunrise that i witnessed this morning. You know.. I love sunrise! At 4:49 the street lamps were switched off and there’s no darkness anymore not inside the bathroom where I cannot switch on the lights!
5:10 - I went out to buy cheeseburgers and hot choco. I bought 2 cheeseburgers, 1 foot long sausage, 1 hot choco.. And went to 7 Eleven to buy Chukie and C2. On my way home, I saw my grandma and grandpa. What a coincidence. So what can I do?.. I gave them the foot long sausage. Tsk.
I ate my breakfast. I read Greenmile hoping I could finish that novel until Monday or before my vacation ends. An then 7:24.. I went back to bed. I told myself I’ll be up at 7:35, so i set up the alarm clock on my cellphone.. Sleeping.. My electricity is back! My cellphone alarmed. I opened my eyes and snoozed the alarm to give me more time… sleeping. I awoke at 7:01 and sleep again.. then at 8:20 I finally woke up and manages things.. and went to the bathroom.
Then I heard the same motorbike from yesterday parked outside. I hurried up to see them outside. OMG! Those are the guys who.. Am gonna kill ‘em! I hurriedly went outside and saw this guy fixing the electric meter but it wasn’t the same guy I saw yesterday. At 8:23 in the morning my electricity is back! Oh yeah.
And the rest.. is history.