I GOT IN!!! i'm a DEAN'S LISTER this coming semester. wahaha. this is a dream come true for me. i made it.. whoo.. hoo.. ho.. yesterday i was in school for my enrolment for this coming school year. my class will start on 16 of june. the problem was i still haven't have my professors signature on my exam permit meaning i can't claim my classcards at the dean's office. so i woke up at six in the morning and get myself ready. i finally went out home at ten! it took me four hours preparing.. then i went to school. i was having my trouble starting because of my exam permit, we call it "greencard". i couldn't claim my classcards in trade for my greencard. good thing our chairman is really kind to his communication babies(hehe). so he saw me writing a letter.. the letter is for an excuse that my greencard was misplaced so i have to get a new one.. my chairman will sign it and then i'll present it to the dean's office to get my class cards. and I GOT IT!! so i got my class cards. i was not excited. i was never excited because i know i'm a sucker. my classmates were more excited to see and compute my grades to see if i got into the dean's list or not and I GOT IT!!!
i was waiting for this since i was like first year college to be in the dean's list and you know what? in my college, arts and sciences, the dean's lister, we call it DL, the DL students will have their faces posted at the corriedor of the builing. HAHAHA. my face will be there!~ yeah,, and it's priceless. oh, and i got a half discount for my tuition because of this academic scholarship. YES.