This is probably the first time that I didn’t rush to brush my teeth after eating my dinner because I want the flavor in my mouth to stay for a while. I cooked my own dinner today in a special different way. I made pasta! Yep, actually I also ate pasta yesterday night and I cooked it myself too. I’ve been craving for spaghetti last week. That’s why when I went to the supermarket I bought pasta and ingredients needed for an ordinary spaghetti. But I was so busy last week so I couldn’t make time to cook for myself. I didn’t want to go to a fast food either to eat spaghetti because I’m tired of that old-style sweet sauce with hotdogs and cheese taste.

After watching the whole episode of Bambino starring the handsome Matsujun of Arashi, a hit boyband in Japan.

I was inspired to cook something different for myself. This weekend I successfully made two pastas, last night and this night. I love it. It was pasta in Spanish sardines

My Dad can cook very well, he’s great! He uses his brain when cooking like for timing, estimating the ingredients etc. My Mom is a good cook too! She uses her senses. She has a very sensitive taste buds. But often times she’s lazy to cook for dinner. Of course, there’s my brother, who is a third placer! He is fond of cooking. Cooking increases his appetite (much much moore!). Unsurprisingly, I’m the loser among them.

I wonder how a food would taste like if you’re a skilled/ talented chef? Err?

Have you ever heard that some people can’t eat the dish they cook themselves? And that they enjoy the food more if someone else’s cooked it. Well.. I did heard it couple of times and with that statement.. I disagree! Crap. Because I always enjoy the food that I make for myself! Maybe they are just a bad cook, and they just can’t admit it. I always look forward to cook fried rice and make a sunny side up for my breakfast. I always wanted to have a spare time to make my own dinner at home after school. And by just looking and figuring out what to cook with the available ingredients in the fridge.. excites me!

The most awful dish I ever cooked? It was Sinigang na Bangus. Last Sunday I went to the public market and bought this silver shinning fresh bangus (milkfish). I bought also the ingredients needed. I went home feeling that I forgot to buy something. Then it happened… I mistakenly put the the onion into the boiling water with the bangus. Then, I knew what was wrong – tomatoes. I SHOULD HAVE PUT NATIVE TOMATOES instead of that onion! I forgot to buy tomatoes. I was out of my mind. That isn’t the worst part yet. The worst part it was that I damaged the gallbladder of the fish which is so delicate and made my Sinigang not sour but BITTER! Awful. I still ate it, all of it.

Back in my high school days, going to a culinary have never crossed my mind. That isn’t my field; I know it from the start. I have four friends and three of them are into cooking, one of them is ALWAYS uncertain what to take in college. Two of the three is now taking up nursing, their moms convinced them to do so. One of them is now studying Hotel and Restaurant Management. We all want to open and run our own restaurant someday so we thought of being business partners. Ironically, they always request for me to cook pancit canton for them whenever we get together. I wonder why?

The problem with the cook books are that the ingredients most of the time is soooo hard to find in public market, supermarket, or wet market whatever. The problem with the cooking tv shows are that the ingredients is shown quickly and disappears right before your very eyes. BUT! I love watching Rachel Ray. I’m entertained of her way of cooking and she talks so fast, so many ideas come out of her head and she’s a funny girl too. Remember Iron Chef in RPN9!? I was fond of that television show. Imagine yourself cooking under time pressure. The most challenging part is you don’t know what gonna get to use as your main ingredient for the competition. You’ve got to be ready, focused and experienced chef!

I learned from my Dad that the key to learn the basic of cooking is the four main ingredients, you just always have to make these four main ingredients available at your kitchen 24/7: oil, garlic, onion, and salt to sauté any dish. Voila!

I was always afraid of business that deals with food. I’m scared of what if a customer suddenly gets sick or if someone just complain for something to be not complained of. I have to keep in mind that CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. But now I am really starting to think of opening and running my own restaurant. I would like to have different simple kinds of pasta in the menu. Like Pasta in Spanish Sardines, Pasta con Longganisa, Pasta in Tuna, Pasta in Vegetables etc. I want the restaurant just to be a small one, just like the menu it will be simple, and that could only occupy 20 - 26 people. And I will put a paper and pen beside the napkin holder in the table, I would like to know their comments and other concern regarding with the food, management, service anything about my restaurant.

I would like to acknowledge come-what-Mae for the idea of the title ‘coz I couldn’t think of any.
Grazie! Arigato gozaimasu!