Today is my one-month celebration of me, being a vegetarian. I decided to be a vegetarian last 7th of January last month. It was the day also when Mohan Gumatay decided to be a vegetarian. I really wanted to be a vegetarian from the start. One is because I really do wanna lose weight. Two, is that I wanna get a healthy body and from that springs a healthy life but I’m sure it will guarantee me a happy life. I told my gay friend that my only real reason for being a vegetarian is just to say this line to my friends, “Sorry, I can’t eat that. I’m a vegetarian." And his reply was “arte mo!”
For the whole month that passed I learned how to experiment and learn to cook my own veggie dishes, sometimes it tastes good but sometimes it’s really terrible! I learned how to buy tofu, tokwa in wet market. I learned to choose fast food that will allow you to eat healthy (in Chowking! choose their Chopseuy. in Tokyo Tokyo! eat their Yakisoba. in KFC! choose their salads). I discovered that there are varieties of vegetarians: semi-vegetarians avoid meat but eat poultry and other animal foods. Lacto-ovo-vegetarians avoid poultry and fish as well as meat, but do include milk and eggs in their diet. The only animal foods consumed by lacto-vegetarians are milk products. Some vegetarians practice veganism, eating no animal foods at all. Many vegans avoid wearing animal products, such as leather and wool, and are also more likely than other vegetarians to shun alcoholic beverages, processed foods, and foods grown with chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Do I plan to join PETA? NO. This group is over reacting! OMG. A model in FTV said in an interview that she wouldn’t want to see PETA or GreenPeace in the catwalk naked protesting about the furs. PETA was protesting that Chinese should respect rats and treat them with kindness this Chinese New Year. "Rats sing, they dream, and they express empathy for others," Peta’s Coco Yu said in a statement. A young survivor-actress also joined PETA to protect animals. However she said few years back when she was still in the biz that she has been a vegetarian but rumors says that this young actress eats samu’t-sari in the set. PETA announces the young actress had been vegetarian only this January 2007. Also, in her true to life story in one drama program she said a line that goes, "Nay, Kahit tuyo na lang!" I just don’t understand why Natalie Portman is with PETA? By the way, that title above goveg.com is a PETA site. Am I doing this to promote them? I guess so. One thing I love PETA are their creativity, look at this photos:

I’ve listed the foods that I wanted to eat but really can’t for this month and here are they: hamburger, lechon, bicol express, shomai, pizza pie, burger steak, longganisang lucban, sisig (yummy, and very fatty! argh.), sausages, siopao. tsk.tsk.tsk.