New Year's Resolution, anyone?

1) to wake up every five o'clock to five thirty every morning.

2) to practice yoga everyday

3) to never use cotton buds again. come-what-MAE told me that it only pushes the dirt deeper inside your ears. plus, it's a plastic trash, imagine if billions of people are using cotton buds everyday. meaning there are also billions of used cotton buds in the surface of the earth!

4) to never buy tissue paper again. what i have realized is that it is also like cotton buds that ends up in trash can which again adds up to out tons of garbage. a classmate of me once shared that tissue is not good to use when you have cold because it will only make your sneezing worse because of the tissue fibers. and do they still cut trees just to make tissue papers?

5) to pursue my vegetarianism

6) to improve my time management. i actually have nothing to improve because i don't really have time management. i guess it should be: to have a time management

7) lastly, this one... you don't have to know, it's just between me and HIM.