A Kid at Heart

I was walking on my way home, when I saw these kids aplaying soccer in the street. I saw this ball coming straight to my way. I didn't even think twice about it to give it a kick. I did. Even if I was on my formal school uniform, leather lady watch and black shoes wearing my shoulder bag. haha. I'm a sucker when it comes to soccer. Actually 'm a soccer player now in college. But I'm not those super-professional type. I just love this sport, so I joined the team every intramural games (though my team is a big loser! damn).

SLSU Elementary Band Members

Now, here's my point. When I got to high school I wanted to act as if I'm a mature teenage girl; powder, lip balm, perfume, crushes, and all that(crap). But now as a grown up university lady (ahhem!) I feel like everything is so much different(MUCH! MUCH!). Now, I'm not even acting, I feel like everything is real, I mean everything is SERIOUS.
I wish I could go back when I just elementary(or even when I was younger) where I could enjoy every minute of the day, when a day feels like a month! Where I won't worry about anything; I'll just sleep and eat. But now, you have to worry about the projects to be submitted tomorrow, the report you have to deliver on monday, or these group mates that give you pain in the a**.
I miss the actions like, playing an running in the rain, imitating animals using your bare hands with the use of light and shadow(especially when it's brown out, remember the days?), also when you count the stars at night or count the days before Christmas.
But there was also some questions that bothered me when I was kid.
-when am I going to learn how to read and write.
-when am I going to learn how to ride a bike. (remember the first time you ride your bike? the rush of the air on your face. you know that kind of thing. and the first time you fell. haha)
-when am I going to learn how to swim.
AND last but not the least…
-will I ever learn to fly?
Hmm.. Do you still have sweet tooth? 'Coz I do.