When Hello Meets Goodbye

Flavor of Life
Arigatou to/ kimi ni iwareru to/ nandaka setsunai/
Sayounara no/ ato mo/ tokenu mahou awaku horonigai/
The flavor of life/


You broke my heart!

"Time is elusive. We pass by." they say.

You traveled. I stayed. We parted.

I shouldn't have expected too much!

You'll meet someone new. I'll meet someone else.

Back then, we only crave for candy. Now, we work for money.

You need to go. I have to move on.

Our memories were not fake, but our heart is now.

Lies are those spoken words. True feelings are kept.

We said goodbye. Soon we will say hello.

The world is too litte for us not to bump into each other...

and meet again.


First Love
You will always be inside my heart/

Itsumo/ anata dake no basho ga aru kara/
I hope that I have a place in your heart too/
Now and forever you are still the one/
Ima wa/ mada/ kanashii love song/
Atarashii uta/ utaeru made/