Lucky You, Lucky Me!

When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

—the Old Man/ Melchizedek/ King of Salem (The Alchemist)

At night before I close my eyes, I'm with my dreams.

In the morning the moment I open my eyes, I' with my dreams. All day long, I'm with my dreams.

Recently I have realized that dreams are not those of material things like cellphones, cars, cash, etc. Neither being on a profession earning high monthly checks. Wanting to have the latest high tech cellphone, the eight valves red top-down sports car ('yung red!), or having millions of cash is definitely a dream (pero coins!). It's all just an ego.

Dreaming is what the young shepherd in the The Alchemist had wished for.

Simply, he wanted to have sheep, be a shepherd and travel the world. He loves traveling.

The last time I deeply wished for something was to shift from Bachelor of Science in Biology to Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

My heart intensely dreamt for it. Now, I'm on my third year in college, happy with my new class, my new family, ACOMMS. (mabuhay kayo!.. tayo.)