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One runs the risk of weeping a little,
if one lets himself be tamed.

—the fox (The Litte Prince)

I was like the fox in the story of the The Little Prince.

The fox was looking for a man to tame him. Although he was consious that man hunt them with their guns. The fox let himself be tamed by the little prince.

I know for myself that I don't want to be friends wiht a person like him. I'm like the fox, who was conscious that person like him might be like the others who hurts people's feelings. I let myself be tamed by him.

The little prince tamed the fox.

He tamed me.

We eat together. We played together. We talk. We laugh. We sing. We share our deepest hopes and dreams.

In the story, the little prince has to go and leave the fox to find a man whom he will make friends with; the same with my case, he has to go.

I learned to let go. He went away.

I was left alone wounded and… weeping.