that's what i have read in Penshoppe. Penshoppe is a clothing line in my country and bamboo, is not the grass, its the local band here. Penshoppe just sponsored this band.

now, what have i learned today?

-today, i survived. there was a heavy pours and then there was a heavy flood in my real neighborhood. argh, too bad.
-i learned that CLIMATE CHANGE really now directly affects me. last month i stated that this global warming doesn't directly affect me but now it does.

today, i let go. my dad once again went away to earn bucks for us to reach for our dreams . you know to sustain our educational financial needs. well, he went to Iran, yeah, i know, maybe, but as i always watch CNN there's no trouble in Iran for now, so guess and i'm hoping he will be safe in there working. Oh, he's boses are Koreans. (so you better watch out)
-Freedom sometimes is not that easy. I'm so much in controlled with my life. I've been free since I was nine. I decide what's right and what's wrong.

that's all for this day.

good day!