My Meno Finds His Way Home

I learned from BBC World series, "Happiness", that watching your fish 10 minutes before going to bed can or will relieve your stress.
A week after, I bought 3 fishes. I don't know what kind of fish they were. Their sizes were different from one another. The first one was the biggest, I called him "Fattest". The second one was slightly big, I called him "Fatter". And the last/third one was "Fat". He survived.
The next day morning, I saw Fattest, wasn't moving. He died. Before noon, I noticed that Fatter wasn't moving also. He died also. I was so worried that Fat might die. I transfer him to my washing machine (yes! you read it right.) where i can store a lot of water, where he could swim frely and where he could breath plenty of oxygen. Now, he's a month old living inside my washing machine. Hee even had some wounds on his tail, I don't know what it was, but he's okay now. His wounds disappeared and it seems like he's doing great.
GO Fat!