I twist and turn on my bed last night. I just couldn't get back to sleep whatever I do. I stare the ceilings...

I remember seeing Before Sunrise this movie really touched me and moved me. The conversations between the two young lovers were made so real. Their acting was just natural as it seems, in fact, they didn't even appear that they were acting at all in the screen.
Few people appreciate the beauty of sunrise. I prefer sunrise. It is not because I was amazed by the movie. It is just because…
-it's the only gift for those who are insomniacs.
-It is a blessing for those who have night shifts.
-And it's all worth it just to watch the sun rises.
Now, isn't it nice to witness the sun rising while everyone else is sleeping in their bed?The cold breeze of air, the silence of the surroundings will definitely deepens your thoughts about anything under the sun (which is about to rise!)

I was inside of a moving van when I took this photo. It was taken on Mon 27 Nov 2006 05:59:42 AM, along we were going to Mariam College in Quezon City to take part on the Pinoy Media Congress.

From the dark night to a colorful morning. Soon right after the sun rise; the street lights will be turned off, the empty streets will be filled by vehicles, the bakery will be opened for their early bird customers, the radio stations will receive callers, the elevators will go up and down the building, the daily newspaper will be delivered to designated homes, subways will come and go, subways will come and go, people will rise and will be thankful for a great morning ahead of them.
I just feel grateful after watching a beautiful sunrise. I'll keep the image of it in my memory through out the day.
Next time you decided to watch the sunrise be sure to have a cup of coffee in your hands. Enjoy sipping it while it's hot.