Happy New Year! Firecrackers are great here with this kind of view from the roof. So many people are on the street enjoying the new year. I just cant see the whole view of some fire crackers but i imagine that its beautiful Although im a solo flight here at the roof its fun watching this people; with the big smile in thier face. The streets are full of smoke And even thoug i don't have food or anyone i can talk to im so happy. This fire crackers are really WoW. I love watching those its like bright colors dat is dacing in the Sky. But now that this dancing lights are dancing those people in the streets just stop to watch for this fire crackers. And i can also here their reactions just simple 3 letter words wow. It's good that it dedn't rain. I'm so thankful. The Year is 2005. It is so surprising that the year 2004 is just so fast. Another year of lesson, happiness and probleme. There are so many things that is running to my mind; dreams, studie and future but still i know its not yet the time for love. And i think i will have a problem but its simple. My new years resolution is usal just to keep working and to still keeping grades and reach my dreams. And you know what i have just figured. My life is evolving only to one person to only one man, to my dad. I love him even though sometimes we don't understand each other and sometimes fight i still love him. And both of us should hold on and keep working.