Dear Diary

This is the second time igave Jett a letter. Happy coz he understand me now. If what is the feeling when someone snob you. Because he have a snob in his character And Jericho talk to me now. Reymond is so look like a "bunot" parin. I don't now what will happen tommorow. Gash tomorrow nga pala now become Monday i could see my crush. I think Jett don't pinabasa sa iba. I hope so. Maybe for me and Jett song is "What matters Most". Reymond want to jealous in Bonna well his wrong. I don't jealous in Bonna. Ang he is may mortal enemy. Bonna is become my new classmate she cannot be my friend or best friend again. Sad if we don't flaging ceremony coz if we, my Diary having a life that why i want. Nagpakal bo uli. I'm hoping i see my crush tommorow if even the day is Saturday but how do i see him if may Daddy mad in me. Whatever i'll do something to see my love o.k. di ba.