Dear Diary,

Super..., happy feeling coz' we were going to my unforgetable place Manila. Kaya i wake early 4:00 'o clock in the morning. My hello kitty alam clock help me to Wake early. After i fold my cover. I quickly move and i hug my towel with my sando, shirt and i going down the stairs. And when i saw my dad he's boiling a wate in the pot. And im going to the bath and wash over all my body. And then when we are in Robinson's. And when our Mission is acomplish. We derect to the robinson's again but the department store is close 10:00 want to open. So we wait up to became 10:00 while we were waiting kami ay nagkukuwentohan. Kaya nung 10:00 na pagkapasok namin inside the d.s. the guard expection our bag so open it. And we go to around and around the mall. And we buy a pad, x-mas card and silver pen.