Dear Diary,

I thought even vaccation i can't write to my Dearest Diary. 'Coz it's vaccation nga eh but theres a story. When i wake up in the morning i remember last night that Jett call me but its dream iam happy or have a wonderfull feeling coz kahit sa panaginip alaala ko sya. But i dont know if why does Reymound always in my diary. And i want to tell you that Bonna and I is akey now. But i tuaring her like my ordinary classmate not like Aimee, Aimee is my friend. I'am afraid when Bonna have attention of Jett coz maybe Jett have a feeling for Bonna i don't want to happen again like the case of Reymound by the way the case of Reymond to me naman this day is my mom wants to buy me a longganissa for our dinner. Nuong naglakad ako ba eh nakasalubong ko takbong takbo hindi ko inisip na makakasalubong ko yung lalaking iyon may kulay ang buhok na yata syang bunot parin. ok.


Pangit ako ngayong magsulat di sanay eh!!!