Dear Diary,

Ho! Yes, Yes Yes Yes, Yes. At the end i saw him Ho.... Ho. It is so very happy feeling. Aim so very very happy i think im the happiest in the whole world. He didn't say his fave expression. Basta na lang sya nagngiti sa akin. Akala ko nga hindi nya ako makikita eh. Una noon nasa palenke kami traffic caz there are so many maketing there prepere for the new year. And nakakita ako ng parang ulo ni Jett and then. He shout to his friends
Jett: Intay
And napatunayan ko si Jett nga Nakita nya si Daddy tapos tiningnan nya ako. Oh gash grabe. He saw me w/ his killer smile. And he smile me (like this :)) he he he its onlt joke. But after that daddy and me is in the front of "accademy" is saw guy w/ his playmate or something. And he point his figger in one of his friends. Who's that guy i want to meet him?


And 2 all of you

New Year

Sasalubong nakami sa bagong taon. Every i put "kuwitis" in the bottel i put some 3 and it means i love you. Jett.